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About us. . . .

We are a dedicated team of traditional craftsmen based just outside the beautiful village of Preston in East Kent.

At Revelation Oak Buildings we design our buildings based heavily on the English Vernacular style, ensuring our buildings sit well in the landscapes they are raised. Our frames are all lovingly hand made to the highest standards in the industry, coupled with meticulous attention to detail at the design stage our buildings are unrivalled in their quality. The buildings of the middle ages look as good now as the day they were erected, and by using the same techniques for construction as were used back then, a Revelation Oak Building will stand for centuries.

Meet the team.


Ross Would 

Managing Director, Head Carpenter, Frame Designer.

Ross has been framing for over a decade now, and what started as an interest rapidly snowballed into an all consuming obsession with timber framing and historic buildings. From humble beginnings hewing douglas fir trees into beams with an axe in his mothers semi detached back garden, Ross has well over 50 timber frames in his portfolio of all shapes, sizes and complexity there isn't much Ross hasn't had to build over the years.

Ross handles the day to day running of the business, and the majority of the frame design- but is most happy in the workshop "making the chips fly" with the rest of the team.

Outside work hours Ross is a keen traditional archer and bowyer.


Joe Wiles

Lead Carpenter.

Joe began his carpentry career by completing his NVQ level 3 in carpentry at college, but before he qualified he realised that normal site carpentry wasn't really what he was looking for. Over the years Joe has built some of the most complex timber frames that have been constructed in recent times, finding innovative answers to difficult architectural problems- to the degree that prospective clients thought we used a CNC machine to cut the joinery! 

Joe looks after staff training at Revelation Oak, as well as his usual duties as Lead Carpenter.

In his spare time Joe enjoys surfing, and going for a blast on his motorbike.

David Hunt

Timber Framer.

David comes from a background in cabinetmaking before he ran his own firm making bespoke shepherds huts. Deciding he wanted to try something different David came to train at Revelation Oak in 2017 after being involved in some historic timber frame repair work, which is the side of the business he enjoys most.

David is also a renowned wildlife artist.


Nicola Would 

Director, Administration.

As Director Nicola takes care of all financial and administrative tasks, as well as all equipment and material procurement.

Her days off are taken up with yoga, pottery, and manhandling her pet chickens.

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